Movement Strategies and Resources

by Ailene Tisser MA, PT , Co-founder of Swim Angelfish 

Self Regulation Sequence

  1. Activities that provide proprioceptive input (information to where your body parts are and how they move such as heavy work activities),
  2. Vestibular input (movement -progressing from least intense to most intense-linear, in an arc, rotary or inversion)
  3. End with proprioceptive input again,
  4. Engage in a functional activity.

Ready Body, Learning Minds Exercises

Set up activities from this website to address all areas of motor development.

This is a program that works on primitive reflex integration to improve automatic postural reactions, more coordinated movement, improved motor control, improved attention, decreased anxiety and improved self regulation.

The resource link below is a 25-30 min. series of movements done in a flowing series called archetype movements. These movements are the underlying components of reflexive movement and helps work on multiple reflexes at one time in a functional movement pattern.

General movement videos from different online sites 

Swim Angelfish Daily movement videos

General Movement /PE videos

Download the Printable Copy Below.

For online individualized or semiprivate movement classes with one of our specially trained Swim Whisperer Swim Instructors, or online PT/OT consults, please reach out to or for more information.

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