Tired of Meltdowns? Do you want to empower and motivate your child to succeed?

Join our parent coaching program to learn the 4 SECRETS to helping your child with specialized learning needs, ADHD, or ASD succeed in a digital world.

Using our Body Activated Learning TM Framework you will learn how to:

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Save Yourself First

Stop reacting and take action to create your new reality for learning success both online and in-person.  Everyone has a "Sensational Self."  Learn about what you need to show up at your best for your child, support co-regulation, and become an empowered parent.

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Coach with Confidence

Create an environment and plan a sensational routine for you and your child.  Understanding the natural way the brain learns allows you to engage the senses in ways that support self-regulation, attention, and skill development.

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Succeed with Screens

Make a screen time plan for your family in balance with movements and sensory supportive activities.  This will help you instill the habits of success in your child and meet the unique needs of a digital generation of learners.  You are raising the leaders of tomorrow.

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Collaborate and Connect

Connecting words to sensory experience improves the quality of your conversations with your child.  This leads to a better plan for success. Empower your child to succeed while supporting self-advocacy and building sensational self-awareness.

Only $37 a month or $367 per year!

Empowered parents can make engaging in learning a success!

Are you ready to grab onto this opportunity to take action and create a new and positive reality for your children during this time?

The pandemic has turned everyone's world upside down. But YOU have the power to take this moment RIGHT NOW and make sure that you can put a plan in place to reduce meltdowns and family power struggles while helping your child build habits for a lifetime of success regardless of whether your child is engaging in virtual or in-person learning.

You don't have to wake up every morning dreading the meltdowns to come. Those are not the memories you want for yourself and your child.

With the right guidance, you can build a supportive home environment while becoming a strong advocate for your child's sensory and learning needs!

Meet Your Coach

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Aubrey Schmalle, OTR/L

I have always had a passion for empowering the people closest to a child with sensory processing deficits to see them through a new lens in order to create a plan to support learning and self-regulation.  To that end, I created the Body Activated Learning Handbook along with provider certification programs and a parent coaching program to empower the community to better support children with diverse neurosensory needs. The handbook is an easy, non-technical reference to make the complicated subject of sensory processing understandable for the non-therapist but still rooted in science and research. I speak nationally to educators, therapists, counselors, and psychologists on balancing technology with sensory "smart" movement techniques with a digital generation in mind.  Join me on a journey toward empowerment to take your child from meltdowns to motivated while developing the habits to succeed in a digital world.

Meltdowns to Motivated: Parent Coaching to Take Your child from Self Doubt to Sensational Regardless of Your Child's Current Learning Environment

This coaching program will guide you through the 5 phase process of empowering you child to succeed in a digital world and grow to their potential over a lifetime by balancing screen time and sensory "smart" movement. 

Using the proprietary Body Activated LearningTM Framework and the 4 secrets top therapists and coaches use to get results, you will learn how to create an environment and routine that engages the senses to optimize the way the brain and body learns.

Learn How To:

  1. Save yourself First
  2. Coach with Confidence
  3. Collaborate and Connect
  4. Succeed with Screens


Be able to implement the 3 elements of the Body Activated Learning Framework to engage the senses to reduce stress, increased brain growth, and recover from screen-based activities


You'll get accountability and support from other parents!

Group Coaching Calls twice a month to get training and support around the core content and specific topics of interest

Accountability and problem-solving group calls twice a month to ask questions, keep you on track, and move to the next step in your success path 

A Facebook Group Community to connect with other parents on this journey, share ideas, get feedback on your plan, and support each other.

BONUS CONTENT:  Guest Speakers and professionals from across disciplines such as Speech therapy, OT, PT, Counseling, Special Education, and Behavior will provide insights and education on topics such as parental self-care, behavior and social skill support, learning disability supports, addressing motor delays, and facilitating language in play 


This program will allow you to create a new mindset, action plan, and have a greater understanding of how to collaborate with your child so you both feel empowered.  It all begins with using the power of the senses to build a foundation for success.


My Promise to You

If you are not 100% satisfied with the program, the strategies, and the support after 30 days I will offer you a refund.

If you make your payment today you don't even have to decide if you are in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and evaluate the results of what you have learned and THEN make a decision on the value of this program to your family based on your experience.

Join our Coaching Program Today!

A private therapy session or consultation is $150 or more with minimal education and training to help you implement the recommendations appropriately. 

You can get access to this knowledge base, actionable steps to meet your goals, and the coaching support you need to help your child become sensational for a fraction of the cost of a therapy session.

While this doesn't replace traditional therapy and focused intervention, parent training and empowerment is the key to your child's long term success.

This program will help you build a foundation for progress that serves you and your child for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I downloaded the 6-step Guide to Optimize Your Child's Sensory Diet, is this the same thing?  No, but that is a great start! It builds on the same foundation, but takes you step by step toward implementation of a plan that supports self-regulation, skill development, and self-advocacy.
  • How fast can I expect to see progress?  Results depend on your level of consistency and implementation of the plan you develop with our guidance.  We know it's a struggle for many busy parents, so we offer accountability meetings and group coaching to keep you on track and problem-solve when you get stuck.
  • I already bought your Body Activated Learning Book. How is this different?  The book is a great foundation.  This course expands on the information in the Handbook while guiding you step by step in setting up a plan for implementation in the home environment.
  • I work from home and don't have a lot of of time to help my child. Is this program still useful for me?  Yes! Many of the strategies can be done in just a few minutes a day. It is easy to build into your family's schedule if you create an action plan that fits your family's needs.
  • What kind of support can I get if I get stuck? Alternating with coaching calls, we will have biweekly accountability group meetings  where you can ask questions, problem-solve, and get the support you need. You can also ask questions in the Facebook Group and get feedback from other parents.
  • Will this program be helpful for me if my child has diagnosed learning or attention difficulties?  Yes! This course is designed to meet the needs of parents who have neurologically diverse children. However, it may not be appropriate for children with more complex medical, cognitive, or behavioral needs without modification and support of your school team.
  • Do I need to use a special program to access the materials? No, just internet access and your login details.  It's also helpful to have a gmail account to use the spreadsheets we are sharing with you to make planning easier
  • Can I share this with a friend?  No, each parent has their own unique log in. However, if you enjoy the membership, I would love it if you would share it with other parents who may benefit.  We are in this together and now is a perfect time to become an empowered parent!
  • What if this is not what I expected?  Is there a guarantee? Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee after 30 days (see the guarantee for full details)
  • Can this be accessed without the internet? No. The course and materials are only available online. However, you have the ability to print out all workbooks and planning materials to support your ability to execute the strategies discussed without having to rewatch the training modules.

Empowered Parents Raise Empowered Children

Reducing Stress and Overwhelm while increasing powerful connections in the brain is the key to helping your child feel calm and in control rather than frustrated and disorganized! Learning should not be so hard - for you or your child.  Your child needs your guidance to move from self-doubt to sensational.

We have experienced the struggles of adjusting to distance learning and it's time to take action to create a new reality for yourself and your child. The educational model of the future is uncertain.  But many children still need the supports that they have previously relied on to be successful. This is the perfect opportunity for you to become the person in your children's life who can empower them to succeed regardless of the new learning environment while building habits that will serve them for a lifetime.



You Have Two Choices

Option # 1: Wait a Bit

The school will give my child what he needs to succeed. I think my child will grow out of the meltdowns and I am not so worried about his future.  I feel like I have enough knowledge and support from my child's current team of providers and educators that I don't need additional guidance and support.


No worries! You need to decide what works best for your family in your own time.

Option # 2 Act Now!

You believe crisis creates opportunity! You want to take charge of your child's future to help your child make progress with learning while feeling happy and successful.  Plus, you know that understanding how to help your child feel empowered and able to succeed will help your child move from self-doubt to sensational while building skills for a lifetime that extend far beyond the classroom.

Overwhelm is real! But it is time to think differently and create a plan that focuses on results!