What is Body Activated Learning?

The Body Activated Learning framework is a unique solution to the challenges faced by children of a Digital Generation.  With this changing generation of learners, increase in technology and screen time, and rise in diagnoses such as Autism and ADHD, educators are faced with the task of teaching children with a variety of neurosensory profiles.

The framework is simple enough that parents and community agencies can easily incorporate the concepts into daily routines and activities for children with neurologically diverse needs but rooted in science and research.

Certification programs will be available soon for parents, educators, and professionals wishing to bring this innovative program to their schools and community

The framework guides you through a simple plan to Energize or Restore children to an optimal state of arousal, Activate their senses for learning, and Regroup from the screen time and body demands of the school day.

Directors of school programs and teachers alike report that these ideas are “easy-to-use” and fun for their students.

Using her expertise and creativity as a sensory integrative occupational therapist, Aubrey Schmalle, OTR/L designed this framework and expansion activities in collaboration with the therapists at Sensational Achievements. It offers teachers, parents, and staff working with children with diverse needs the practical solutions they have been looking for to meet the needs of a Digital Generation.

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