Empowered parents can make engaging in learning a success!

Now is the time to empower the entire community to support children with sensory and learning needs growing up in a digital world.

Hi! I'm Aubrey Schmalle and I have always had a passion for empowering the people closest to a child with sensory processing deficits to see them through a new lens in order to create a plan to support learning and self-regulation.  To that end, I created the Body Activated Learning Handbook along with provider certification programs and a parent coaching program to empower the community to better support children with diverse neurosensory needs. The handbook is an easy, non-technical reference to make the complicated subject of sensory processing understandable for the non-therapist but still rooted in science and research. I speak nationally to educators, therapists, counselors, and psychologists on balancing technology with sensory "smart" movement techniques with a digital generation in mind.

What Will You Gain from the Course

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You Will Learn How To:

  • Create an environment and routine that engages the senses to optimize the way the brain and body learns
  • Save yourself first
  • Coach with confidence
  • Collaborate and connect
  • Succeed with screens
  • Implement the 3 elements of the Body Activated LearningTM Framework to engage the senses to reduce stress, increase brain growth, and recover from screen-based activities

Who Is This Training For?

Parents of children with specialized learning needs who are struggling to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any additional resources provided?

Once you complete each training module and correctly answer the certification questions, you will receive access to bonus worksheets and materials to help you implement the concepts of the Body Activated Learning framework.

When do I get my certificate?

Once all four modules have been completed along with the quizzes and final survey, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Should I take this if I plan to work with children with special needs?

Absolutely. This certification is a great addition to a resume when applying for a job working with children with special needs and provides a strong foundation of knowledge to help you work with children who have a variety of diagnoses.

I downloaded the 6-step Guide to Optimize Your Child's Sensory Diet, is this the same thing?

No, but that is a great start! It builds on the same foundation but is a formalized course designed to give you tools and strategies for implementation across home, school, and community settings either in groups or 1:1.

Will this be appropriate even if I am not a teacher or other professional? 

Yes, this course is an introductory level course and appropriate for anyone who knows or works with children who have learning, attention, and sensory needs.  Additional levels of certification will be offered in 2022 for anyone looking to continue to build their professional skillset.

I already bought your Body Activated Learning Book. How is this different? 

The book is a great foundation.  This course expands on the information in the Handbook while showing you how to apply the concepts in different environments and with different populations.

I work from home and don't have a lot of time to help my child. Is this program still useful for me? 

Yes! Many of the strategies can be done in just a few minutes a day. It is easy to build into your family's schedule if you create an action plan that fits your family's needs.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You can write questions directly to Aubrey at any time within each module and she will respond.  There is also a Google Group you will be added to where common questions will be added to conversation threads and content can be searched at any time.

Will this program be helpful for me if my child has diagnosed learning or attention difficulties? 

Yes! This course is designed to meet the needs of parents and people working with neurologically diverse children. However, it may not be appropriate for children with more complex medical, cognitive, or behavioral needs without modification and support.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials?

No, just internet access and your login details.  It's also helpful to have a gmail account to use the spreadsheets we are sharing with you to make planning easier

Can I share this with a friend? 

No, each parent has their own unique log in. However, if you enjoy the course, I would love it if you would share it with others who may benefit.  

Can this be accessed without the internet?

No. The course and materials are only available online. However, you have the ability to print out all workbooks and planning materials to support your ability to execute the strategies discussed without having to rewatch the training modules.

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Aubrey Schmalle graduated from Boston University in 2003 with a Bachelors in occupational therapy and continued to advance her clinical knowledge through self-study, mentorship, certification in sensory integration theory and practice, and certification in the Tomatis Method and Tomatis-based auditory interventions.  She is a Level 4 Tomatis Consultant, collaborating with providers all over the world to design auditory interventions that support emotional regulation, development, and listening skills.  In 2011, she opened a private occupational therapy clinic, Sensational Achievements, providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment of sensory processing disorders and related disabilities such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and executive function deficits. She possesses advanced knowledge in visual-vestibular integration treatment techniques, treatment of postural-ocular and functional visual skill deficits, and intervention to address sensorimotor-perceptual factors contributing to dyslexia and dysgraphia. She provides independent educational occupational therapy evaluations across Connecticut and consults with school teams to optimize school-based intervention strategies and treatment techniques.