Optimizing Your Child's Sensory Diet in a New Normal

A LIVE MASTERCLASS for parents of of children with specialized learning needs and the team who supports them

Image of Aubrey Schmalle, author of Body Activated Learning framework

About Aubrey Schmalle, OTR/L

I have always had a passion for empowering the people closest to a child with sensory processing deficits to see them through a new lens in order to create a plan to support learning and self-regulation.  To that end, I created the Body Activated Learning Handbook along with provider certification programs and a parent coaching program to empower the community to better support children with diverse neurosensory needs. The handbook is an easy, non-technical reference to make the complicated subject of sensory processing understandable for the non-therapist but still rooted in science and research. I speak nationally to educators, therapists, counselors, and psychologists on balancing technology with sensory "smart" movement techniques with a digital generation in mind.  Join me on a journey toward empowerment to take your child from meltdowns to motivated while developing the habits to succeed in a digital world.