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Parenting a Child with Special Needs in a New Reality

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In this Community, you will get....
Benefit #1
Daily webinars monday through friday for at least the next two weeks with professionals who provide insights and  actionable strategies you can use right away

Benefit #2
Free gifts and giveaways for parents and professionals in the group who post what they are doing to take control of their new reality.  Access to downloadable resources, free consultations, and products!
Benefit #3
Turn crisis into opportunity by being part of  a community of parents seizing the opportunity to create the reality they want and help their children grow through what they are going through

Topics for this Week (April 13-17)

Monday:  Just Take a Breath! Activities You can do to encourage breathing and support self-regulation with Aubrey Schmalle OTR/L

Tuesday:  Telehealth and Virtual Sessions:  What you need to know to help make therapy sessions a success with Cassandra Andrade, MA, OTR/L

Wednesday:  Quick and Dirty Strategies for Collaborative Problem Solving with your Child with Dr. Terry D'Elisa

Thursday: Easy changes you can make to support you and your child's health during the pandemic and after with Dr. Kathryn Firisin, ND, MSPT

Friday:  Connecting to your child's community through online interactive activities and classes with Joeseph Anastasi of STAR, Inc.

Our Expert Panel and Group Moderators

Cassandra Andrade, MA, OTR/L

Dr. Terry D'Elisa

Danette Meigel

Katie Curra, MS, CCC-SLP

Dr. Michael Cohen

Worry will not add an hour to your life.  What opportunities are being created in this moment to enhance your relationship with your child and teach them how to grow through crisis?
Your Host:
Aubrey Schmalle, OTR/L
Aubrey is an author, speaker, and owner of Sensational Achievements.  She specializes in evaluation and treatment of sensory integration deficits as they impact learning, behavior, and daily function.  It's so important to raise children that are empowered and confident, not limited by their deficits.  That is why she is committed to educating and empowering the teams that support children with special needs through Body Activated LearningTM
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